How to identify male virgins

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Here is a collection of pictures of dudes who are clearly not used to being in close proximity to women! They look so out of their element….lwkmd!

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Best relationship tips ever

Being in a relationship…esp a long one can be pretty suffocating at times! You feel like there’s this invisible noose that keeps getting tighter around your neck! And there’s this big mass of tangled emotions that overwhelm you and your brain can’t explain your feelings to even yourself!

Well these tips are unorthodox but they would surely light a fire in your relationship and drive boredom away. Letz face it boredom is the biggest threat in relationships

A big problem in many relationships is that women feel like they have to do all the boring chores and the men just get to hang out with their friends, watch football games and talk about politics. The truth is that chores are lame and there is rarely anything fun about them. Make your lady feel special by helping her with the daily housework…it wud be fun!

Dress up as a ninja, sneak up on her while she’s working and have an epic battle!¬†Hide in the closet and ambush her playfully when she gets out of the shower.¬†Does she need to fold laundry? Not before deflecting a crane kick to the face! Don’t be afraid to be a lil rough…being all sweet kisses and roses all the time gets boring after a while!

Another way to make her everyday life more exciting is to dress up as a large predator and stalk her throughout the day. Women love surprises!

The only thing women love more than surprises is feeling special. ¬†Show the world that you are proud of your lady by wearing colors that scream “HEY LOOK AT ME”, making loud noises and laughing when you’re walking in public with her. She will be reassured that you do not mind calling attention to her and will greatly appreciate the gesture.¬†

Give her random and surprise gifts-a new perfume, women love chocolate and even a bar of snickers can go a long way in saying “you are my sweetheart”, sometimes even a good old love letter in a fancy envelope would suffice!

On that note, when trying to impress a woman, it is often helpful to call upon her ancient instincts. To show that you are a strong provider, sometimes it is necessary to kill things.  Contrary to popular belief, this is real reason why women like flowers.  

Although she may not know it or openly acknowledge it, watching you use your powerful muscles to slay a living thing stimulates an ancient part of her brain associated with admiration and affection. ¬†She may appear to be horrified by your actions, but underneath that, there’s a deep and growing respect for you. ¬†After all, it takes a lot more effort to kill an animal than it does to kill a stupid flower; ¬†Flowers don’t run away and bleed all over the place while you’re trying to kill them. ¬†

One¬†more way to appeal to your lady’s inborn desires is to light things on fire. ¬†Back in cave man days, fire was more popular than Justin Bieber.¬†Being able to start a fire would have been the modern day equivalent of having a private jet and a castle. ¬†It is a scientific fact that women love fire. ¬†It’s in their genes. ¬†

There are really very few problems that fire cannot resolve.  

And¬†finally, women would always annoy you at one point! Itz in their DNA…so if¬†you¬†ever¬†get¬†into¬†an¬†argument,¬†imagine¬†that¬†your partner is a baby animal with three legs and terminal brain cancer or something more creative.

Remember to take your veggies!

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