How to identify male virgins

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Here is a collection of pictures of dudes who are clearly not used to being in close proximity to women! They look so out of their element….lwkmd!

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Super Brain Teaser:

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Here’s a riddle to test your genius side 😉

Boss says to secretary:
For a week, we will go abroad, so make arrangements.

Secretary makes a call to her Husband: For a week my
boss and I will be going abroad, so look after yourself.

Husband makes call to
secret lover: My wife is going abroad for a week, so let’s spend the week together.

Secret lover makes a call to a little boy whom she is giving private lessons:
I have to work for a week, so you need not come for class.

Little boy makes call to his grandfather:
Grandpa, for a week, I don’t have classes ‘coz my teacher is busy. Let’s spend the week together.

Grandpa ( d boss ) makes a call to his
Secretary: This week I am spending time with my grandson. We can’t
attend the meeting any longer.

Secretary makes a call
to her husband: My boss has some
personal matters to attend to, so our trip is cancelled.

Husband makes a call to secret lover: We cannot spend this week together; my wife has cancelled her trip.

Secret lover makes a call to little boy whom she is giving private lessons: This week we will have classes as

Little boy makes a call to his grandfather:
Grandpa, my teacher
said this week I have to attend class. Sorry, I can’t keep you company.

Grandpa makes a call to his secretary:
Don’t worry, this week we will attend that meeting, so make arrangements

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Latest fashion trends: Erhiz_mode collectibles

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Here are some samples from the most unique collections for ladies from designer Erhiz-Mode….her designs cover basically all lady accessories from: bags-earrings-bangles-shoes-jackets-etc! Just take a look…..

Get to ordering ladies….
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18yr old Girl held in custody after allegedly stabbing a 19yr old boy trying to rape her

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May 5, 2013 was an eventful day for miss Onyinyechi Orakwuelum’s 18th. It was her 18th birthday-the day she became an adult-and the day she allegedly stabbed to death 19-year-old Akinwale Ayobami, who she said wanted to rape her.

Onyinyechi, who is currently being detained at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Iyaganku, Ibadan, pending investigation narrated her story to Tribune and she said:

“I am from Nkwele Ogidi in Anambra. I finished from Saint Gabriel Commercial Secondary School, Mokola, Ibadan, in 2011.”

“The deceased (Ayobami) was my mate in secondary school, as well as my friend Funmbi’s.”

Narrating her story, she said her parents moved to their personal house at Ologuneru community in Ibadan, so she lost contact with all her friends. Eventually, she re-united with one of her old friends Funmbi whose family also relocated to the area.

Funbi then introduced her to another of their old secondary school mates (who lived in the same area) called Ayobami, who was popularly called Ewizzy.

“She said they chatted on facebook and that he told her that he was also living at Ologuneru, and had asked her to meet him at a junction so that she could know his place.
I told her that I could not recollect the name so she went alone.”

“The next time she wanted to go there, she asked me to follow her. I initially refused, but she persuaded me. We got there and saw him. His girlfriend was also there, lying on a couch. We relived our secondary school days and he later requested for my number since we were living in the same area. I gave him.”

“We left and not too long after, he called me, saying that he had been calling Funmbi’s number but it was switched off. He said he wanted to know if I had got home. Funmbi was beside me then so she also answered because her phone battery had gone flat by then.”

“Since then, I did not hear from him, though there was a day I missed his call, but I could not call him back as I had no credit on my phone.”

“On my birthday on May 5, I went to help a lady in our neighbourhood after coming back from church. When I checked my phone later, I saw Ayobami’s call among others that I had missed.”

“I called him back and while chatting, I told him that day was my birthday. He congratulated me and said it was worth celebrating. I told him I was only marking it.”

“He asked where I was and I said Ologuneru, he then asked me to join him at Ologuneru junction. I went there at about 7p.m. and I saw him come out of a beer parlour. I didn’t know that he was already drunk.
On getting to his apartment, he took me through the back door. When I asked why, he said the lock on the front door was bad so he locked it with a padlock.”

“I told him I preferred to sit outside because it was pitch dark inside. He opened the front door and I went in. We put on torchlights.”

“I made a call to a friend while he was busy on his laptop. Later, he made a call to his mother.”

“We started discussing about school days again and he then went to the kitchen and offered me water. I told him I was o.k. and he went into the kitchen again.”

It was at that point that Onyinyechi said the story changed. She narrated further:

“He came back and locked the front door with a padlock. I asked him why he did that but he just sat beside me and said he wanted to date me. I even thought he was joking, and I replied that ‘is that what we came here to do?’ but he told me he was very serious.”

“As he moved closer, I perceived a strong smell of alcohol, then I knew he was drunk.”

“I asked again: ‘AY, are you drunk?’ he replied that he was not drunk, saying he meant what he said. I told him I could not date him and he replied that if I could not date him, then he must have sex with me before I leave.”

“I told him to open the door for me to leave but he said I was not going anywhere. I started pleading but he did not yield.”

“The next thing he did was to pull off his trousers and I knew I was in trouble because I could see he was aroused. He told me I could see that he was in mood for sex and that he must have his way.”

“I opened the sliding window screaming ‘somebody, please help me!, Somebody, please, save me!’. He came there, slapped me, drew me back and locked the window.”

“I started running round the sitting room and he was pursuing me.”

“He went to the kitchen and brought a knife, warning me not to waste his time.
He threatened to do something nasty to me if I did not yield to him after counting from one to 10.”

“He had said before that he loved his mother so I begged him in the name of his mother, he did not yield ground.”

“I begged him in the name of God but he said he left God a long time ago and that he was serving Ogun. He showed me the picture of a bird hanged on the wall and said that was the symbol of his god.”

“I also told him I was having my menses but he said I should allow him to do what he wanted to do, saying that if his friends should meet me in the house, they would take their turns with me.”

“He lit a cigarette and started smoking. He started his countdown but I knelt and was pleading. As he got to eight, I screamed the more but he rushed at me and started struggling with me to remove the bum shorts I was wearing underneath my long dress.”

“In the process, he dropped the knife, and at that moment of intense fear, I picked the knife and waved it at him in the darkness. The next thing I heard was Yee! O ti gun mi (Oh! You have stabbed me).”

“I stood up, shivering. I searched for my phone because the entire place was in scattered”

“Throughout the struggling, no one responded among his neighbours, though he had earlier said that no one would respond to me as they regard the occupants of his flat as ‘Dons’ who are dreaded.”

“I reported at home and we went to the police station to report. By the time we got back to the house, he was dead. It was in the morning that it was seen clearly that the knife pierced his heart.”

Sunday Tribune gathered that the deceased’s mother had been so distraught about his death that she had been calling for justice to be done to her son’s killer.

She was said to be separated from the boy’s father and had remarried and given birth to other children while Ayobami was the only child she had for the father.

Police investigations also revealed that the man Ayobami was living with in the flat was not related to him.

Reacting to the story, the Assistant Commissioner of police in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department, Iyaganku, ACP Dasuki Galadanchi said the matter was still being investigated.

There is no witness yet to support the suspect’s story. On the side too, dead bodies cannot talk. There was no witness on the side to corroborate whether there was an attempted rape or not. 

In line with the police strategy of the Inspector General of police which encourages openness, transparency and accountability, we will go deeper into investigations and get to the root of the matter. If she’s found culpable, she’ll be charged to court accordingly. We are for justice.

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LEAK: New Blackberry R10 specifications

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The BlackBerry R10 is as of yet not officially announced but pictures and specifications of the phone have surfaced. The BlackBerry R10 is to be the latest addition to the BlackBerry 10 group after the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10.

The known specifications include a QWERTY keyboard, 3.1-inch display with 720 x 720 px resolution, 5MP rear camera, front camera, 2GB of RAM, 8GB internal storage and a 1800 mAh non-removable battery.
Device type: Smart phone
OS: BlackBerry (10)
Display Physical size: 3.1 inches
Resolution: 720 x 720 pixels
Pixel density: 328 ppi

Battery Capacity: 2180 mAh
Hardware System memory: 2048 MB RAM
Built-in storage: 8 GB
Camera: 5 megapixels
Camcorder: Yes
Front-facing camera: Yes
Multimedia Music player
Filter by: Album, Artist, Playlists
Features: Album art cover
Internet browsing
Browser: Yes
Technology Positioning: GPS
Phone features
Phonebook: Caller groups, Multiple numbers per contact, Search by both first and last name, Picture ID, Ring ID
Calendar, Alarm, Calculator
SMS, MMS, Threaded view, Predictive text input
E-mail: IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Blackberry Connect
Bluetooth: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Other features
Notifications: Haptic feedback, Music ringtones, Vibration, Flight mode
Voice dialing, Voice commands, Voice recording

Expected Price: £192/ $300 (just a speculation)

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David Moyes to succeed Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager

Manchester united has confirmed reports that David Moyes will take over its managerial position by the end of this season.
Moyes has agreed a six year deal with the red devils which will start on the 1st of June.

According to Alex Ferguson on the club’s official website, “When we discussed the candidates that we felt had the right attributes we unanimously agreed on David Moyes.  David is a man of great integrity with a strong work ethic. I’ve admired his work for a long time and approached him as far back as 1998 to discuss the position of Assistant Manager here. He was a young man then at the start of his career and has since gone on to do a magnificent job at Everton. There is no question he has all the qualities we expect of a manager at this club.”

Here’s what David Moyes had to say “It’s a great honour to be asked to be the next Manager of Manchester United.  I am delighted that Sir Alex saw fit to recommend me for the job.  I have great respect for everything he has done and for the club. I know how hard it will be to follow the best manager ever, but the opportunity to manage Manchester United isn’t something that comes around very often and I’m really looking forward to taking up the post next season.”

Moyes who has been the manager of Everton for over a decade said he is ready to leave and he thanked the club for their support during his reign there.

United’s chief executive David Gill also added his support saying “I’m delighted that David has agreed to join Manchester United.  He has done a terrific job at Everton and has all the qualities that we are looking for in a manager to succeed Alex.”

Good luck David!!!

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Some of the most incredible eye tatoos ever

Here are some pictures of the most incredible eye tattoos on the internet! So of them bring the word cool to another level. Others are…..well see for yourself

This looks like the pyramid and the all seeing eye on the dollar bill!

This looks like the pyramid and the all seeing eye on the dollar bill!

nice and simple

nice and simple

This is simply “super-freaky”

Very colorful...but i bet it hurts just as much!

Very colorful…but i bet it hurts just as much!

Good Night

Good Night

Nothing says “i’m awesome” like this anime tattoo!

this dude is probably “blessed with $”

This dude is the epitome of weird! tats tho!

This dude is the epitome of weird! lol….cool tats tho!

This dude decided to be a lil freaky in his tattoo of choice

This dude decided to be a lil freaky in his tattoo of choice

This is the most perfect eye tattoo ever...his eyes are actually closed

This is the most perfect eye tattoo ever…his eyes are actually closed

Her eyes are actually closed! what u're seeing is a tattoo!

Her eyes are actually closed! what u’re seeing is a tattoo!

The famous “Fear God” tattoo by lil wayne

Believe it or not, this dude's eyes are closed! This tattoo is genius!

Believe it or not, this dude’s eyes are closed! This tattoo is genius!

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